How Our Products Are Made

Our San Diego Plant

Drawing on more than a decade of experience making custom orthotics for patients, Olympic athletes and the US military, We have combined our expertise With That of our podiatric doctors to offer high-end orthotics at a reasonable price. Orthera products are made in our San Diego plant following the same design criterion and medical-grade materials as expensive prescription orthotics. Each orthotic is shaped in our factory, Ensuring That it adheres to our Rigorous standards of quality. Our orthotics are manufactured in five different sizes, Ensuring an easy fit.

Orthera Dress Orthotic Inserts

Orthera Dress Orthotic InsertsDress Orthera orthotic inserts feature a shock-absorbing heel pad Surrounded by a plantar fascia cushion. They are designed to work together to reduce ligament strain and help protect your back and ankles. The insert has an ultra low profile and is only 3/4 length so it can Easily fit into different shoes. The foundation of the insert is supportive FirmFlex the TM core, Which is designed to evenly distribute your weight THROUGHOUT Entire foot, helping to Prevent overpronation. A memory foam cushion Instantly Conforms to Ensure That the orthotic inserts stays low profile, while an antimicrobial Treated top Helps to keep bacteria in check.

Orthera Active Orthotic Inserts

Orthera Active Orthotic InsertsActive Orthera have any available orthotic inserts controlling foot-deep heel cup, Which is designed to limit the movement of your heel and help isolate the Subtalar joint. Active Orthera orthotic inserts have any available full-length high impact cushion. They Also feature the same FirmFlex TM core model as the Dress. In Addition, an extrinsic rear-foot post is designed To further stabilize the heel. Combined With The ultra-soft shock-absorbing layer and the same antimicrobial treatment as Orthera Dress, it's the perfect Addition to any athletic shoe.