Orthera SlimLine CustomFit

A lot of technology in a low-profile design. Designed to fit in almost every shoe from casual to formal and provide exactly the support you need.
  • Custom Fit with Arch Support
  • Antimicrobial Memory Foam Top Cover
  • Biomechanically Engineered

Custom fit with Arch Support for every size Our proprietary foot scanning technology uses a grid of over 1,000 sensors to determine your foot type. Then it recommends which of the 15 different SlimLine Custom Fit Orthotic inserts is the best match for you. Only our vast experience can make this happen. There’s a lot of technology in this slim package! Antimicrobial Memory Foam Top Cover for luxurious feel as well as bacterial protection. The memory foam top cover instantly conforms to your foot without adding additional bulk, providing a custom feel. In addition to the correct support offered by the FirmFlex core, the top cover is treated with the AEGIS microbe shield for maximum protection.   Biomechanically Engineered for better alignment These biomechanically engineered devices have been designed to redistribute the forces acting on your foot. With each step they control excess heel movement and work to align fore-mid- and rearfoot for maximum efficiency at propulsion phase. Although this may go unnoticed by you, your joints and tendons benefit from the reduced strain and stress. This can, in turn, relieve pressure on the knees and back as your whole body finds better alignment.  

First Biomechanically Engineered Custom Fit Orthotic Inserts in a Retail Environment!

Slimline layers

The Orthera SlimLine biomechancially engineered custom fit orthotic insert has six layers of technology in a very small package: 1) Abrasion resistant Ultra-Luxe suede cover in neutral color preserves appearance, provides a soft touch and wicks moisture away from foot 2) Memory Foam instantly conforms to foot contour and delivers a comfortable, customized fit without adding bulk 3) Tear resistant super thin textile provides strength and integrity to memory foam 4) Shock absorbing heel guard with extended plantar fascia pad reduces ligament strain, cushions heel and protects back and knees at heel strike 5) High strength, ultra-thin Carbon composite FirmFlex™ core supports arch, distributes pressure, limits joint over-rotation and tendon & ligament over-extension 6) Heel punch-out relieves pressure points in heel area The Orthera SlimLine biomechancially engineered custom fit orthotic insert is another way we help you to be better through biomechanics.


With over 1.2 million satisfied customers worldwide

Orthotic inserts that work. At Orthera, we have created affordable scientifically built orthotic inserts that make feet happy. We have used years of knowledge and experience gained from building custom orthotics to create inserts that provide comfort from common ailments.

Beyond Insoles

Insoles are foam or gel shoe inserts designed to provide temporary pain relief. They might provide short-term comfort, but they often don’t give you the support you need to correct back pain, foot pain and other bodily ailments.

Orthotic inserts, however, are designed to actually correct the function of the mobile parts of your body. Orthera orthotic inserts instinctively fit into your shoes to help control the amount that your foot flattens. Our products therefore help to evenly distribute your weight, realign your skeletal system and take harmful pressure off of your joints. The result is that you can not only prevent further damage to your feet, but also relieve pain due to harmful irregularities in your joints or skeletal system.

Many manufacturers of shoe insoles claim that they will relieve your pain and offer arch support, but Orthera orthotic inserts are biomechanically engineered to keep you running faster, walking longer, and living free of pain.

Think of Orthera's orthotic inserts as a comparable, affordable alternative to expensive prescription orthotics at a fraction of the price.

As sold at Costco these Orthera Orthotics are the same, high quality, medically engineered insoles.

The Orthera Difference

Power of Orthotics

Strong, supportive and superior to insoles

Engineered Satisfaction

Orthera's inserts are biomechanically engineered to offer maximum support

Solution for Back Pain

Believe it or not, your back pain could be related to your footwear

Foot Pain and Pregnancy

Foot pain is one of the most common complaints associated with pregnancy.

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Prevent plantar pain with medically designed orthotic inserts

Arch Support

Our orthotic inserts maintain complete arch support and comfort regardless of how much walking you do

Orthera, Inc. does not diagnose foot problems or prescribe medical treatment. If there is any concern about orthotics, or their use, please consult with your physician.

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