Reduce Fatigue

Orthera orthotic inserts give you the support you need to embrace an active lifestyle. By helping to reduce pain, our orthotic inserts give you the energy you need to make each day matter.

If your bones, tendons and ligaments are misaligned, exercise can be painful. Orthera orthotic inserts are designed to help restore proper alignment. By allowing you to integrate more exercise into your routine, you can feel energetic throughout your day.

Study after study shows a clear link between fatigue and pain. When you’re struggling with foot pain, knee pain or back pain, it can take a toll on your body and mind. It can be difficult to concentrate at work, and a mere walk around the block can seem like a cross-country trek. Your feet should be working to give you energy, not take it from you. Our orthotic inserts are designed to reduce your pain and keep you feeling vibrant.

Say goodbye to unwanted fatigue. Whether you are an athlete training for victory or simply looking to feel rejuvenated, Orthera orthotic inserts are designed to help you reduce foot pain and feel energetic and healthy.

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Insoles are foam or gel shoe inserts designed to provide temporary pain relief. They might provide short-term comfort, but they often don’t give you the support you need to correct back pain, foot pain and other bodily ailments.

Orthotic inserts, however, are designed to actually correct the function of the mobile parts of your body. Orthera orthotic inserts instinctively fit into your shoes to help control the amount that your foot flattens. Our products therefore help to evenly distribute your weight, realign your skeletal system and take harmful pressure off of your joints. The result is that you can not only prevent further damage to your feet, but also relieve pain due to harmful irregularities in your joints or skeletal system.

Many manufacturers of shoe insoles claim that they will relieve your pain and offer arch support, but Orthera orthotic inserts are biomechanically engineered to keep you running faster, walking longer, and living free of pain.

Think of Orthera's orthotic inserts as a comparable, affordable alternative to expensive prescription orthotics at a fraction of the price.

Orthotic Inserts or Insoles?
Strong, supportive and superior to insoles

Why Choose Orthotic Inserts?
Learn how orthotics can make a difference in your life

Gel Insoles
Gel insoles provide comfort, but no corrective support

Custom Orthotic Inserts
Our orthotics give you the advantage of expensive prescription orthotics at a fraction of the cost

Biomechanically Engineered
Orthera's inserts are biomechanically engineered to offer maximum support

Foot Pain & Pregnancy
Foot pain is one of the most common complaints associated with pregnancy.

Arch Support
Our orthotic inserts maintain complete arch support and comfort regardless of how much walking you do

Back Pain Causes
Believe it or not, your back pain could be related to your footwear

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment
Prevent plantar pain with medically designed orthotic inserts

Orthotic Footwear
Our orthotics are designed to prevent damage to your feet from occurring