Como Están Hechos Nuestros Productos

Our Plant in San Diego

Using the experience of a decade of manufacture of orthopedic insoles for Olympic athletes, US Military Forces and other groups have combined our knowledge with other Podiatrists to create orthotics Orthera and offer a product on par with the best in the world at affordable prices. The Orthera products are manufactured at our plant in San Diego following the same design quality materials and and expensive orthotics that are prescribed doctors and are manufactured to order. Each template is molded in our factory with the strictest adherence to the most rigorous quality standards. The Orthera templates are available in five different sizes so that we ensure the perfect size.

Orthera Templates, Mod. "Dress" (dress).

Orthera Dress This model template is provided with a bearing heel surrounded by cushioned material to protect the plantar fascia. They are designed so that these elements work together to reduce stress on the ligaments and help protect your back and ankles. This model has an ultra low profile of only ¾ "long so it can be used in different types of footwear. The soul of this template is FirmFlex TM material which imparts support and is designed to properly distribute the weight throughout the plant receiving the foot to take the plunge. This helps prevent over pronation. A foam pad with "memory" instantly conforms to the foot to ensure that the template is flush with the shoe; and finally, the top layer has been treated with antimicrobial agents to prevent proliferation of bacteria.

Orthopedic insoles O model "Active"

Active Orthera is the model we have equipped with a deep base for heel to limit movement thereof and to insulate and protect the subtalar joint. This model has a full size cushion to absorb large impacts. Also, as the model "Dress", the soul of the workforce is FirmFlex TM. Extrinsic also has a post on the back for further stabilization of the heel. All these attributes are combined with ultra soft layer of impact protection and the antimicrobial treatment (as in the case of model "Dress") to become the perfect template for any type of sports shoes.