SlimLine Custom Fit

The Orthera SlimLine is a biomechanically engineered custom fit orthotic insert that fits into almost any casual, dress or formal shoe. What makes the Othera SlimLine unique is the fact that it comes in 15 different configurations to give you a more customized fit and the support your feet and body need. There’s a lot of individual biomechanical engineering in a custom foot orthotic. With that development, usually comes great expense. The Orthera SlimLine biomechancially engineered custom fit orthotic insert is a great value when compared to a doctor-prescribed orthotic. Part of the relief created by orthotic inserts is due to the firm materials used. A soft cushion doesn’t offer enough support and may actually mask the symptoms while more damage is done. The trade-off is that material that’s firm may cause discomfort if it doesn’t fit well. By helping you select a more customized fit through the indicator, the Orthera SlimLine offers almost the exact benefit that is gained from a doctor’s custom-made orthotic, at a much less expensive price.


Orthera SlimLine biomechancially engineered custom fit orthotic inserts are different than other “custom fit” products on the market as they actually vary in length, arch height, heel width and flexibility to address the unique differences each foot type can exhibit. Similar to custom-made orthotics, they help to provide balance between your forefoot and rearfoot and by being firm – they limit the overextensions and over rotations in the joints, tendons and ligaments of your feet. This way they put your foot into a more supported position which is the only known treatment for many foot ailments. This is also the reason why custom orthotics are so expensive. There’s a lot of science and experience (over 10 years) in the Orthera SlimLine biomechancially engineered custom fit orthotic insert. We have made orthotics for the most demanding athletes, the military and other patients. Now, we proudly offer everyone the first real low-cost alternative to expensive custom-made orthotics.

Selecting the Right Orthera SlimLine Biomechancially Engineered Custom Fit Orthotic Insert

Our interactive kiosk is equipped with our proprietary and sophisticated foot scanner – a technology we developed from the experience of equipping a vast amount of doctors’ offices and hospitals with foot scanning systems. The moment you step on this scanner it starts analyzing your foot on a grid of over 1,000 sensors to determine your foot type, and then it recommends which of the 15 different orthotic insert models would be a custom fit for you and offer the best choice to correct the imbalance of your individual foot. During the measurement, a number of different parameters (e.g. the heel width, arch height, weight distribution, and more.) are sensed and provided to a microprocessor. It compares this data with a database of knowledge we’ve gained in over a decade of working with Orthopedists and Podiatrists analyzing healthy and not-so-healthy foot conditions. Don’t be surprised if people start asking you “your number” when you are done. Not only will your feet be happy, you’ll look smart and save a nice chunk of change!

First Biomechanically Engineered Custom Fit Orthotic Inserts in a Retail Environment!

The Orthera SlimLine biomechancially engineered custom fit orthotic insert has six layers of technology in a very small package: 1) Abrasion resistant Ultra-Luxe suede cover in neutral color preserves appearance, provides a soft touch and wicks moisture away from foot 2) Memory Foam instantly conforms to foot contour and delivers a comfortable, customized fit without adding bulk 3) Tear resistant super thin textile provides strength and integrity to memory foam 4) Shock absorbing heel guard with extended plantar fascia pad reduces ligament strain, cushions heel and protects back and knees at heel strike 5) High strength, ultra-thin Carbon composite FirmFlex™ core supports arch, distributes pressure, limits joint over-rotation and tendon & ligament over-extension 6) Heel punch-out relieves pressure points in heel area The Orthera SlimLine biomechancially engineered custom fit orthotic insert is another way we help you to be better through biomechanics.