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Common vs. Templates Orthopedic insoles Orthera

For many people suffering foot pain , the first thing that comes to your mind to solve this problem is to use templates. While touching a gel insole feel you can be what you want, the truth is that do little to correct the underlying problems that cause foot pain. Gel Templates can mask the symptoms causing that damage continues indefinitely. To understand why orthotics are a better option, it is important to know the source of foot pain and consequences if this problem is not solved. Each foot has 26 bones, 33 joints connected. When the shoe does not offer a suitable support, tendons tighten and cause the collapse of the arch due to over-pronation. This may lead to a chain reaction of pain throughout the leg and lower back, affecting both soft tissue and joints. The human body is a very complicated system. Our templates can help biomechanically designed to work with maximum effectiveness


What are orthotics?

Biomechanically designed orthotics help to stabilize the subtalar joint and limit unnecessary movement of the heel. Contrary to gel insoles, which tend to mask problems in their legs and waist, our orthotics distribute pressure that occurs every step correctly throughout the foot and help reduce stress We invite you to test the model template best suited to your lifestyle. They are incredibly conform to the style of shoe you. Use and clearly compete successfully with the most expensive templates prescribed by a specialist. Not only will you. To feel more support, otherwise this is the first step to help relieve stress throughout your body.