Mejor a través de la Biomecánica

What is Biomechanics Engineering?

Biomechanical Engineering

Imagine you. Your footwear is a machine that works for you .; helps you align your tendons, stabilize their rticulaciones and prevent your feet flatten while at the same time, distributes the weight correctly. This is precisely what Orthera created to design our templates using the method of biomechanical engineering. But what is the biomechanical engineering? Biomechanics is the science that combines the principles of mechanical engineering with human biology and kinesiology. Incorporating biomechanics our design and emphasizing the shock absorption, support the arch and heel support and stabilization, Orthera created orthotics that no problem can be used with any type of footwear you. Use.

Orthopedic insoles vs. communes templates

It is important to understand that orthotics and common templates are not equal. The gel insoles can feel comfortable, but are not designed to provide real support for your feet or lower part of his body. Our orthotics are designed biomechanically to have the softness Put cushions your joints and firm enough to hold their bows and align your entire body. The precision design of Orthera products offers an alternative to the costly prescription templates and manufactured to order, offering a similar price to the common templates. . If you are looking to avoid pain or improve your athletic performance, Orthera orthotics will help you enjoy a better life with the use of products designed using biomechanics.