Orthera Activo/ Deportivo

Designed for athletic shoes or casual shoes that have removable inserts. These templates are made ​​with the same biomechanical engineering concepts that are used to make the templates used by professional athletes. Help support your feet properly when running a marathon or when walking on the street .: + Firm Foot Arch Support + Cushioning and antimicrobial protection throughout the shoe. + Design with Biomechanical Engineering.   Stand firm but flexible arch foot to help prevent collapse of the arch and pronation The center of the template, called FirmFlex helps to redistribute weight on the foot more evenly. This large correction helps relieve tension can focus on high heel or sole. Full Cushioning, Antimicrobial resistant High Impact completely Antimicrobial resistant High Impact Cushioning. The full padding that provides this template is great protection impacts your body experiences during any activity, especially sports. Besides antimicrobial barrier provides AEGIS keeps the environment of his shoes as clean as possible.

Biomechanics Engineering design for better alignment These templates designed with biomechanical engineering have been created to redistribute the forces that impact their feet. With each step control excess movement in the heel and work to align the front, middle and back of your foot for greater efficiency during the propulsion phase. Although this may go unnoticed by you, your joints and tendons benefit with reduced effort and stress. This, in turn, relieves pressure on the knees and waist to provide better alignment throughout the body. The impact protection that gives this template throughout your sporty or casual footwear includes your joints and allows you to perform your best performance. For more information, contact us