Orthera Formal/Diario

Formal template designed for footwear and for almost all models of casual footwear. Support for your feet wherever you go. These are templates low profile shoe that do not protrude and are biomechanically designed to provide relief from tension and stress your feet and joints ask. + Firm Foot Arch Support + Cover Superior Antimicrobial and moldable foam rubber + Designed with Biomechanics Engineering Firm support the Arc de Pie, Firm but flexible to help prevent falling arch and pronation. The soul of the template named FirmFlex helps redistribute weight more evenly each step. This helps relieve the stress that can concentrate on the heel or the top of the foot.

Upper Deck Antimicrobial and moldable foam rubber. for a luxurious feel while bacterial protection. This template with top cover moldable plastic foam conforms to your foot without adding thickness achieving great comfort. Besides giving the correct media with characteristic FirmFlex, our staff has a top cover treated with AEGIS antimicrobial protection that gives you maximum protection. Designed with Biomechanics Engineering for better alignment These devices have been designed with biomechanical engineering distribute forces that impact his feet. With each step control excess movement in the heel and work aligning the anterior, middle and back of the foot for maximum efficiency propulsion phase. Although this goes unnoticed by you, your joints and tendons benefit from reducing effort and stress. This, in turn, relieves pressure on the knees and your back as your body is aligned better. For more information, contact us For more information, contact us here