Plantillas Ortopédicas

Why Choose Orthopedic Insoles?

The average person gives more than 2,500 steps per day. When a person suffers from foot pain, back or other body part, the ability to walk comfortably agrees and will affect the rest of your life. The collapse of the arch flattens his foot and this is known as over-pronation. This leads to damage extending to the rest of your body. If your feet do not have the necessary support will absorb the tensile load all day to stand. The rest of the body tries to compensate. The energy that the body needs to compensate for the lack of weight distribution on the feet, ends up robbing the person your strength and performance.

Best through the Biomechanics

The biomechanical engineering technology has undergone Othera confidence podiatrists renowned for over a decade to achieve precise adjustment of the complex contours of the human foot, resulting in a more effective service to the needs of its customers . Our design combines biology and engineering principles to achieve the correct weight distribution while correcting anomalies in its path.