Orthera Linea Delgada / Ajuste a la medida

Many technology in a low-profile design This template is designed to be used in dress shoes or casual shoes and gives you exactly the support you need.
  • Adjustment Measure with Foot Arch Support
  • Top cover with moldable foam (memory) and antimicrobial
  • Biomechanics Engineering design

Adjustment Measure with Foot Arch Support for all measures Our technology (proprietary) for scanning the foot uses a network of more than 1,000 sensors to determine the type standing of our customers. When finished, which recommends 15 different models of the SlimLine Adjustment Measure is the best. Only our vast experience can achieve this. A lot of technology in this small package! Top Cover with Rubber compliant and Antimicrobial Foam for a luxurious feel and antibacterial protection. The top cover of moldable foam instantly adjusts to your foot without increasing the thickness giving an adjustment to the measure. In addition to the correct support offered by the FirmFlex center of the template, the top cover is treated with the antimicrobial shield AEGIS for maximum protection.   Design with Biomechanics Engineering These templates designed with biomechanical engineering have been created to redistribute the forces that impact their feet. With each step control excess movement in the heel and work to align the front, middle and back of your foot for greater efficiency during the propulsion phase. Although this may go unnoticed by you, your joints and tendons benefit with reduced effort and stress .. This, in turn, relieves pressure on the knees and waist to provide better alignment throughout the body.  

The First Template Designed by Orthopedic Biomechanics Engineering with Adjustment Measure ventures into the retail market.

Slimline layers
The SlimLine Orthera online templates designed Biomechanics Engineering with custom fitting consists of six layers of technology in a small package: 1) Ultra-Luxe suede cover resistant to abrasions neutral colored preserves the appearance and provides great softness and is indoor humidity resistant. 2) Foams moldable (with memory) conforms to the contour of the foot and hands you a custom fit, very comfortable, without adding bulk. 3) super thin and tear resistant fabric provides strength and integrity to the foam rubber. 4) The protective heel absorbs impact and its extension to relieve plantar fasciitis reduces stress on the ligaments, acojina heel and protects the back and knees each heel strike. 5) The soul of the template called FirmFlex, made ​​of carbon composite ultra thin, high strength, supports the arch of the foot, distributes pressure, and limits on rotation and overextension of tendons and ligaments. 6) resacada heel shape relieves pressure points in this area Orthotics Orthera the SlimLine line have been designed with biomechanical engineering and adapt as if they were made ​​to measure, are another way that we help make your life better through biomechanics.