Orthera Sportline CustomFit

Going even further than the UltraSpeed... Based on the same winning formula as our UltraSpeed orthotic insert, the Sportline CustomFit offers the ultimate sports advantage, a custom fit. -Arch Support Specific Custom Fit -Extreme Impact Protection -Heat Fighter Design -Biomechanically Engineered Extreme Impact Protection for maximum stamina Using a specially designed PoronXRD cushion, this revolutionary orthotic insert prevents your feet from experiencing severe impacts that can rob performance. This is the same scientifically advanced material that shields some of the most sensitive electronics in the world. We insist on offering you the same protection. Heat Fighting Friction Reduction for supreme endurance The anti-friction top cover reduces heat generation, and keeps the climate inside your shoe as low temperature as possible.This can help save your energy, minimize wear, reduce blistering, and provide maximum endurance. Biomechanically Engineered for precision performance These biomechanically engineered devices have been designed to redistribute the forces acting on your foot. With each step they control excess heel movement and work to align fore-mid- and rearfoot for maximum efficiency at propulsion phase. This precision allows you the most return on your effort. And then it goes further… The Sportline CustomFit is tailored to your arch support needs for custom feel and fit Our proprietary foot scanning technology uses a grid of over 1,000 sensors to determine your foot type. Then it recommends which of the 30 different SportLine Elite models would be a custom fit for you. Only our vast experience can make this happen, and give you the full advantage that biomechanical designed orthotic inserts offer. Get every possible head start on your competition, contact us