Orthera Linea Deportiva / Ajuste a la medida

Model more advanced than the SportLine Model (XRD) ... The Linea Sport / Adjustment medidaesta model based on the same formula that has given so much success to our line of ultrafast templates and provides maximum benefit for your athletic shoes fit ... to measure. -Adjust the specific measure to support the arch. -Protection Against extreme impact -Design to counteract the heat -Design Biomechanics Engineering Extreme Impact Protection for maximum personal performance Using PoronXRD pad designed for this template, you protect your feet against severe impacts that could affect performance. The material used is the same scientifically advanced material used to protect the most sensitive electronics world. Orthera insists offer you the same protection Friction Reducing the heat for supreme performance. The top cover reduces friction heat and keeps the temperature inside your shoes as low as possible. This will help to save energy, minimize wear and reduce the chance of developing blisters, providing increased performance. Biomechanical Engineering Design with performance precisely this model designed with biomechanical engineering has been created to redistribute the forces that impact their feet. With each step control excess movement in the heel and work to align the upper, middle and rearfoot for maximum efficiency propulsion phase. This precision allows you to get the most benefit from your effort. And there's more ... SportLine Elite model is perfect for the needs of custom fitting of the arch support. Our technology (proprietary) for scanning walk uses a network of more than 1,000 sensors to determine the type of foot of our customers. When the process which recommends 30 different models of our line SportLine Elite is the most appropriate. Only our vast experience can achieve this and give you the full benefit our biomechanically designed templates offered. Take the lead in the competition, contact us