Orthera VitaDuo

The best of both, make that all 3, worlds.

VitaDuo from Orthera.
- ultra thin to fit even in narrow fitting fashion shoes - ultra luxe, low-profile, antimicrobial memory foam topcover included (optional use) - firm biomechanical support - Three ways to wear

Our best thinking starts with the best foundation.
The biomechanically correcting orthotic insert sets the stage for alignment within your foot. The FirmFlex core, acting on your arch, influences the other joints of your body including your ankle, knee, hip, and even your back. The deep heel cup helps to isolate and control the heel, limiting movement. This can lead to a better posture and walking comfort. The ultra-low profile shape, in a convenient ¾ length, allows it to go anywhere, in any shoe, with you.

How do you top that? With an Ultra-Luxe memory foam cushion of course!
The VitaDuo is unique because you have the opportunity to wear it in either a very low-profile way, or add comfort with the Ultra-Luxe Memory foam top cover. This cushion conforms instantly to your foot, adding comfort without bulk. Its antimicrobial barrier protects against odor and bacteria. Truly optional, and replaceable, you can use the cushion as you wish. When the adhesive back no longer stays exactly where you’d like, simply order a fresh pair.

Divide and Conquer …foot pain.
Wearing VitaDuo without the Ultra-Luxe top cover?  No sense letting those cushions not work for you, too. Just slip them into a different pair of shoes, and it’s like getting two new pair of shoes for the price of one!

Select your size. Made to fit in almost any shoe style.
-XSmall  shoe sizes 4.5-6 in Womens (Juniors 3-5).
-Small fits shoe sizes 6.5-8 in Womens (Mens 5.5-7).
-Medium fits shoe sizes 8.5-10 Womens (Mens 7.5-9).
-Large is designed for sizes 10.5-12 Womens (Men’s size 9.5-11).
-XLarge is designed for sizes 12+ in Womens, (Men’s size 11.5-13).

For ordering information, please email us at Support@orthera.com