Convenient and low profile. Orthera, Inc. is proud to announce a new model of great importance within the orthopedic insoles, the VitaDuo model. Optional superior antimicrobial -Cubierta. -Support Biomechanical firm -Cubierta moldable foam padded. (Memory) Template designed for use in casual footwear and apparel The VitaDuo model designed with biomechanical technology comes in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large -The Chico's shoe size maid of 6.5 to 8 (Knights 5.5 to 7) -The Medium is for lady shoes 8.5 to 10 (Knights 7.5 to 9) -Size Large is designed for lady shoes 11+ and gentlemen 9.5 and greater. Two ways to enjoy model VitaDuo Indeed, you can use the VitaDuo templates without the top cover of moldable foam (memory) that is included with the model. This provides maximum support with biomechanical design giving the lowest possible profile. If you want your template is more cushioned, simply use the upper self-adhesive for a layer of moldable foam that instantly adjusts to your needs and remains between your skin and heart arch support FirmFlex template cover. This cover has been treated with the antimicrobial shield AEGIS. You. You choose to use, or not use, according to the need of the hour. Either way you decide to use your VitaDuo template, you can be confident that this template was created to provide the necessary support to their dress shoes and casual, even the narrowest, thanks to its design of medium length. Watch for new template options will offer soon! For information on how to order, please send us a note on our page for contacts.