La Diferencia Orthera

The Orthera Difference

The gel insoles offer immediate comfort, however this convenience only hides the symptoms, while the feet are still suffering. All orthotics are a biomechanical device Orthera advanced design to provide support to the lower body and prevent back pain. In contrast to gel insoles only offer immediate relief surface, biomechanical design our templates corrects foot posture support it in a proper way being real orthopedic solution. That's the difference Orthera

Superior through the Biomechanics

The Podiatrists leaders have placed their trust in biomechanical engineering technology Othera to fine tune the complex contours of the foot resulting in a more efficient orthotic. Our design combines the principles of mechanics and biology to distribute your weight evenly and corrects abnormalities while your walking.

Beyond Gel

Most likely you've seen in stores gel insoles intended to massage her feet. Gel templates offer convenience for a period of time, but are not designed to correct posture. His feet support while walking. With different sizes and styles to suit different types of shoes with orthotics conveniently Orthera your feet will have adequate support.

Support Your Bow and Align Your Body

Our products are designed to support the foot and the entire body, feeling strong and painless. Whether you. Is an athlete running marathons, go to become a mother, or suffer from chronic pain, orthotics Orthera are designed to relieve pain at the source.