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We don't make insoles.

Insoles are a symptomatic treatment and only address symptoms, not the underlying cause. Gel insoles, for example, might provide you with instant comfort, but that comfort is likely only masking deeper issues at work.

Similar to custom medical orthotics, our products were designed to treat the cause of your foot, ankle, knee, hip or back issues.

Every Orthera orthotic insert is an advanced biomechanically engineered device intended to support and align your lower body and address the source of discomfort.

That’s the Orthera difference.

We're better through biomechanics.

Othera’s biomechanically engineered technology has been trusted by patients and leading podiatrists for over a decade.

Our design is intended on constraining too much movement in your joints caused by an overextension of tendons and ligaments due to age, weight, sport or genetics. By limiting the rotation in your foot and ankle, our orthotics help to balance your fore- and rear foot and provide stability at the base of your body.

All our orthotics were developed by studying foot biomechanics and providing support and stability by influencing your foots movement during the phases of gait.

We go beyond gel.

You’ve probably seen gel insoles in stores that claim to massage your feet. Gel insoles might offer some comfort for a period of time, but they aren’t really designed to do anything else.

Similar to the effect of a firm mattress on your back, firm orthotic inserts can provide relief where the masking comfort of soft or gel insoles ends.

To provide you with a similar instant comfort feeling, most of our products combine a firm base with a soft top. This allows you to feel instant comfort yet also address the cause of the discomfort.

We support your arches and align your body.

All our products are designed to support your arches, align your body and keep your feet, and your entire body, feeling strong and pain-free.

Whether you’re an athlete running marathons, a mother-to-be, or suffering from chronic pain, Orthera orthotic inserts are designed to target your pain at the source.

We only use top materials – often premium to typical custom-made medical orthotics.

Most insoles and even custom orthotics are made using low-cost EVA. EVA is easy to work with, can be molded easily and is very economic. The disadvantage is that it isn’t very durable and loses its cushion very quickly.

PORON™ on the other hand is one of the most premium materials available. It isn’t as easy to work with, can't be molded and is extremely expensive as its durability is multiples that of EVA. Whenever we use foam to provide instant comfort feeling we use PORON™ or other open-cell PU foams.

We only use EVA in our most economic Embrace model.

We're Doctor-developed.

We founded Orthera to make medical-grade orthotic inserts available to everyone at a fraction of the cost of custom medical orthotics.

In our history, we started out being a medical custom orthotics laboratory. For the first decade, we only produced custom orthotics for Doctor’s offices and hospitals based on Doctor’s prescriptions. Our original management and board consisted of several Podiatrists and Doctors who were essential in the development of our products.

Over the years our strategy changed and with the newly developed OTC products we started eventually selling directly to consumers but to this date, we see ourselves as the OTC alternative to medical custom orthotics and not as another insole company.