Active: Sneakers/Lace shoes

The Orthera Active orthotic insert is designed to give you the support you need to stay in the game longer. Our orthotic inserts are biomechanically engineered to reduce excess foot movement and help keep your body running like a well-oiled machine.

As an athlete, it’s important that you are in top form. Whether you are running a marathon or simply jogging around the block, the Orthera Active orthotic insert was created to help you perform at your best.

Orthera Active orthotic inserts are built on a rear-foot post which is designed to yield added lateral support for maximum performance, while the FirmFlex ™ core helps to keep your arches from collapsing. In addition, the ultra-soft cushion is designed to absorb shocks to help you run for longer periods of time. The deep heel cup will control your heel movement, while the orthotic insert’s anti-microbial cover will stand up to even your toughest workouts. Lastly, the suede bottom cover forms a protective lining, which has been designed to be slip resistant inside your shoe, reducing wear and tear.

The Orthera Active orthotic insert is designed to fit inside any athletic, tennis or casual footwear with removable insoles. Although the Orthera Active insert comes in four different sizes, it is sometimes necessary to trim the insert to fit into your footwear.

Our orthotic footwear is biomechanically engineered to give you the Orthera advantage: increased support, shock absorption and stability.