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Vita Uno – Ultrathin
Alan Antinicci (West Bend, US)

Very comfortable in the shoe and you don’t even know you have inserts in there.

Foot Armor
Emilia Cano (Seattle, US)

Foot Armor

Foot Armor
Cynthia Galloway (Oceanside, US)

These are great. I can stand all day at work and feet do not hurt. Also, I throw them in the washing machine once a week and they stay very clean.

Foot Armor
Michael Murtagh (Albuquerque, US)
Repeat Customer

I am now on my 3rd pair of Foot Armor over several years. I also purchased Foot Armor for others to try.

Frank Rotte (San Diego, US)
Make any shoe great

These insoles have helped greatly to relieve my plantar fasciitis. The plantar fasciitis is the result of wearing shoes with no support,and flip-flops. These insoles are like no other.

Foot Armor
Karol Startzel (Spokane, US)

Quality product! Fits perfectly into my walking shoes. So appreciate the support and comfort they provide. I suffer with plantar fasciitis and need good insoles in all my shoes. Thank you for helping make my life better and less painful!

Vita Uno – Ultrathin
Linda Shaffer (Philadelphia, US)

Not as comfortable as the black regular inserts. Don’t stay in place and feet tire much faster.

Foot Armor
Thomas Ellis (San Diego, US)
Saved my feet

I have worked on concrete my entire career. It was taking its tole on my feet. When I got up in the morning it took a few delicate steps before I could put full weight on my feet. I switched to Foot Armor insoles a couple of years ago and my heel and knee pain went away. I am very thankful I found the perfect fit for me.

Linda Shaffer (Philadelphia, US)

Haven’t worn them enough. Once broken in, I will compare to the other inserts. Still like the black insert the most.

Linda Shaffer (Warminster, US)

They perform the job, but not as comfortable as the black pair.

Foot Armor
Bob Schultz (Folsom, US)
Good foot support

Feet feel better using Orthera inserts

Jane Morrill (Lebanon, US)

The orthotics start out great but after a few weeks develop an annoying squeak. So my feet feel good but you can hear me coming. No response from customer service so far.

Vita Uno – Ultrathin
Dana Lowe (Long Beach, US)
What a difference!

These inserts are so comfortable. I have sciatica and after just a week of using Vita Uno Ultra-thin, it has helped so much, that I am almost pain-free.

NEW! Foot Armor SlimFit
Heidi Gonzalez (Placerville, US)

Great. My arch actually makes contact.

NEW! Foot Armor SlimFit
Vicki George-Stark (Vancouver, US)
Great product advancement!

Foot Armor 2.0 is awesome!

NEW! Complete Support
LAinGA (Roswell, US)
Good fit, Red/White/Blue is interesting

Truthfully, these fit/feel the same as the original green type. I buy all versions and really haven’t noticed much a difference. My feet dot tire out, or sweat, my planters fasciitis and arches don’t hurt anymore. I’m happy with all of these!

eileen koster (Venice, US)
the best

have bought brands from Amazon and the inserts were terrible.
Will always buy Other. They are the best.

Foot Armor
susan Clark (Cool, US)
Great pronation support

Physical Therapist recommendation to help correct my tendency toward pronation of mt right hip. They are comfortable and fit shoe perfectly.

Paddy Richer (Gold Hill, US)
Long-lived orthotics.

The 2 sets I just bot are replacements for the identical ones I bought about 10 years ago. The old ones are embarrassingly shabby, the fabric parts worn thru in several places, but the working frames still functioning. I'm not a techie so was unable to locate your company until recently. Now that I've found you again I'm going to be careful to keep your address handy.
The 2 pair I just bought are identical to the one's I've used for so long.. I plan on ordering the same ones for one of my daughters.

Foot Armor
PAULA VOLUNTAD (El Dorado Hills, US)

Foot Armor

Christy Brown (Arlington, US)
Excellent insoles

These help my plantar Fasciitis so much. I have used these insoles for years

NEW! Complete Support
Comfort Carl (Pittsburgh, US)
Great Total Support

Since I have high arches, my first chore with new shoes is to replace the inserts. Thank you Orthera, for great products that help me walk better. These complete support orthotics have what I needed and a bonus! Perforated toe box area! Added ventilation can only help with my shoes. Thanks for the easy to clean material. Much appreciated.

Foot Armor
Rose Giardina

Doesn't seem that much different than the Superfeet I was using.

Vita Uno – Ultrathin
Tom (Sunnyvale, US)
Good thin inserts

I have been wearing these for a few years and they really help my feet. They wear out at the rubber heal part. I don’t think they need the rubber cushion part, my friend have inserts from a podiatrist and his inserts are similar but w/o the rubber cushion at the heal. In any case these are the best affordable inserts I have found.

Vita Uno – Ultrathin
Sherry Cunningham (St Louis, US)
Replacing 400 dollar shoe inserts

Wonderful! So happy with my purchase. Have completely flat feet, these are lifesavers.