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Support Your Foot. Align Your Body. Eliminate Discomfort


Orthera orthotic inserts keep your heel stable no matter how far you’re walking. By supporting the arch of your foot and supporting your heel, they distribute your weight evenly and keep pressure points from forming, preventing pain in your lower body and back. Walking might seem like the most comfortable, most natural thing you do all day. After all, you usually do it without even thinking about it. However, walking requires complex movements that involve not only your feet but also your legs and back. Problems in your feet can negatively impact how other parts of your body function and feel.

Complete Arch Support

Orthera orthotic inserts are biomechanically engineered to distribute body weight with every step. They prevent over-pronation, stabilize your subtalar joint and help reduce the risk of plantar fasciitis. Take a step in the right direction with Orthera orthotic inserts.

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