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Why Our Technology is Different

The Orthera Difference

Gel insoles may seem to provide you with instant comfort, but that comfort is simply masking symptoms while damage to your feet continues to occur. Every Orthera orthotic insert is an advanced biomechanical device designed to support your lower body and help prevent pain from occurring. Gel insoles might give you superficial comfort instantly, but our orthotic inserts are designed to produce real results that you can feel. That’s the Orthera difference.

Better Through Biomechanics

Othera’s biomechanically engineered technology has been trusted by leading podiatrists for over a decade to precisely fit the complex contours of the foot, resulting in a more effective orthotic insert. Our design fuses principles of biology and mechanics to evenly distribute your weight while correcting abnormalities to your gait.

Go Beyond Gel

You’ve probably seen gel insoles in stores that claim to massage your feet. Gel insoles might offer some comfort for a period of time, but they aren’t really designed to provide corrective support. Your feet support you with each step you take. With different sizes and styles to suit various types of shoes, Orthera orthotic inserts are an easy and effective way to support your feet.

Support Your Arches and Align Your Body

Our products are designed to keep your feet, and your entire body, feeling strong and pain-free. Whether you’re an athlete running marathons, a mother-to-be, or suffering from chronic pain, Orthera orthotic inserts are designed to target your pain at the source.

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