SportsLine Custom Fit

Orthera is pleased to announce a new product line soon to be offered at select locations. These new biomechanically engineered custom fit orthotic inserts boast several new exciting features that help weekend warriors and elite athletes get the most from their training and “friendly” competitions. The Orthera SportLine is a biomechanically engineered custom fit orthotic insert that fits into almost any athletic shoe. Part of what makes the Othera SportLine unique is the fact that it comes in 30 different configurations to give you a more customized fit and the support your feet and body need to go farther and do more. Orthera has a proud history of creating custom orthotics for some of the most elite athletes in the world, including Olympians. The same technology and skills that have gone into creating expensive custom orthotics is now available in the new Orthera SportLine biomechanically engineered custom fit orthotics. In addition to providing the increased stability and arch support that athletic efforts require, the Orthera SportLine offers several things the competition can’t touch. One of these is the antimicrobial protection offered by AEGIS. This increased level of protection keeps the inserts safer from bacterial situations that could compromise your health. Another key element of the new Orthera SportLine is the anti-friction top cover. Heat build-up in a shoe can sap performance from an athlete. This incredible technology allows you to run cooler and more efficiently. This in turn can allow your workouts to last longer and give you the opportunity to focus on your routine, not on your feet. Perhaps the most exciting element in the new Orthera SportLine is the revolutionary cushion derived from PoronXRD. If you aren’t familiar with this miraculous material, you soon will be. It is allowing extreme athletes the freedom to push boundaries not even considered before. With the ability to feel the adrenaline of the action and not the impact of the hit… this new material is finding its way into helmets, ribcage protection and even electronic cases where fractures are not allowed. This unique cushion offers, in technical terms, a slow recovery – which takes the energy out of impacts and allow you to propel forward. Yes.. it is rocket science stuff. On to the truly custom fit aspect of the new Orthera SportLine. Our interactive kiosk is equipped with our proprietary and sophisticated foot scanner – a technology we developed from the experience of equipping a vast amount of doctors’ offices and hospitals with foot scanning systems. The moment you step on this scanner it starts analyzing your foot on a grid of over 1,000 sensors to determine your foot type, and then it recommends which of the 30 different orthotic insert models would be a custom fit for you and offer the best choice to correct the imbalance of your individual foot. During the measurement, a number of different parameters (e.g. the heel width, arch height, weight distribution, and more.) are sensed and provided to a microprocessor. It compares this data with a database of knowledge we’ve gained in over a decade of working with Orthopedists and Podiatrists analyzing healthy and not-so-healthy foot conditions.

Apart from the rest, the Orthera SportLine sets new records in technology and development!

The Orthera SportLine biomechanically engineered custom fit orthotic insert has seven layers of technology: 1) Abrasion resistant, low-friction top cover that is protected by the AEGIS microbe shield 2) PoronXRD cushion over the entire insert allows unsurpassed impact protection 3) Tear resistant super thin textile provides additional strength for the PoronXRD layer 4) Shock absorbing heel guard with extended plantar fascia pad reduces ligament strain, cushions heel and protects back and knees at heel strike 5) High strength, ultra-thin Carbon composite FirmFlex™ core supports arch, distributes pressure, limits joint over-rotation and tendon & ligament over-extension 6) Heel punch-out relieves pressure points in heel area 7) Extrinisic rear foot post adds the stability athletes demand for optimum performance  


The Orthera SportLine biomechancially engineered custom fit orthotic inserts… the best way to play, period.