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Foot Pain: Insoles vs. Orthotic Inserts

For many people suffering with foot pain, the first thought that enters their mind is to try an insole. While an all-gel insole might feel good against your fingertips, the truth is that they don’t do much to correct real problems that can begin with foot pain. Gel Insoles may simply mask your symptoms while more damage is done over time. To understand why orthotic inserts are often a better option, it’s important to know where foot pain comes from, and what can happen if it goes untreated. Your foot is made of 26 bones, connected with 33 joints. When your shoes don’t offer proper support, it strains your tendons and might cause the arch to collapse from over-pronation. This may cause a chain reaction of pain up your leg and back, affecting both soft tissue and joints. Your body is a complicated system. Our bio-mechanically designed orthotic inserts help keep it working at its peak.

What are Orthotic Inserts?

Bio-mechanically designed orthotic inserts help to stabilize your subtalar joint and limit unnecessary heel movement. Unlike gel insoles, which can mask problems in your legs and back, our orthotic inserts can evenly distribute the pressure each step can create and help to reduce strain. We invite you to try the orthotic insert that’s best for your lifestyle. You’ll get optimal fit based on the style of shoe you wear and an orthotic insert that rivals expensive prescription orthotics. Not only will you feel more support, but you will also have taken the first steps to help relieve stress throughout your entire body.

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