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Heel/Plantar Pain

Orthera orthotic inserts can help to keep you from developing problems with your plantar fascia, a common source of foot pain. The technology inside each insert works to correct any imbalances, preventing excessive rolling of the foot and improper alignment.

Foot pain is commonly related to the plantar fascia, a long, thick band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes. Marked by a stabbing pain in the foot, plantar pain most commonly occurs early in the morning with the first steps of the day. Usually, the pain lessens as feet become more limber throughout the day, but many people feel the pain again with the first steps after prolonged periods of sitting or when standing for extended periods of time.

The main cause of plantar pain is a strain in the ligaments of the foot. Left untreated, small tears can form in the ligaments, making it harder for feet to adapt and spread pressure evenly. Those with overpronation, or flat feet, most commonly report recurring plantar pain. 

Using firm supportive orthotic inserts (like ours), arches get supported which limits the tearing forces and pain. All of our devices have an additional cushion built into the area under the heel to comfort this region where the pain originates.

Plantar pain is sometimes so severe that treatment requires steroids and surgery. Don't let it get so far and develop int something chronic.

An orthotic is only a part in the therapy. We also recommend daily foot stretching exercises as well as wearing night splints while sleeping. 

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