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Pregnancy and Foot Pain

Orthera orthotic inserts compensate for changes in baby weight by evenly distributing pressure throughout your feet. You’ll also get the arch support you need to stay active. Our orthotic inserts are biomechanically designed to keep you feeling safe and comfortable throughout your pregnancy.

Orthera Orthotic Inserts Keep You Light On Your Feet

Pregnancy and foot pain often go hand in hand. While your baby bump grows, you might not think about changing your footwear or even addressing the pain associated with your feet. Pregnancy often causes the relaxing of ligaments in your feet.
Your arches can become flattened, your lower back can become more curved, and your knees can move closer together and backwards, creating an unbalanced and unsupportive foundation for walking and even standing. Further complicating the issue is the constantly shifting center of gravity that can throw off your balance.
Our orthotic inserts are designed to keep your feet aligned, stabilize your heels and keep your feet from pronating, reducing foot pain and giving you the stable foundation you need.

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