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Why choose orthotic inserts over insoles?

Why Choose Orthotic Inserts?

The average person takes more than 2,500 steps per day. When you experience pain in your feet, back or other parts of your body that impairs your ability to walk comfortably, your entire lifestyle is affected. Arch collapse, also known as over-pronation, can lead to damage that extends well beyond your feet.

If left unsupported, your feet will absorb unhealthy strain throughout the day. This forces the rest of your body to compensate. The energy used to pay for poor weight distribution can also sap your endurance and strength.

Better Through Biomechanics

Biomechanically designed orthotic inserts are an easy way to help prevent the misalignment and imbalance that can occur in unsupported feet. When you take care of your feet, you’re taking care of your entire lower body, and you’re increasing your comfort throughout the day.

With every step, you’ll be adequately distributing your body weight, helping to align every bone in your foot and reducing the strain on joints and tendons throughout your entire body, preventing pain in feet from occurring. Although biomechanical engineering is complicated, using Orthera orthotic inserts is easy.

Just choose a properly-sized orthotic insert based on the style of shoe you like to wear, slide it in, and you’ll begin to redistribute the pressure and relieve the strain with each step... all 2,500 of them.

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